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Fox Cry Illustration

Unicorn Mini Print

Unicorn Mini Print

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A cute 4” x 6” of the original, perfect for a small space or fitting into a reliquary. Ships in protective plastic sleeve with backing.

Pursuit of Purity is a painting of survivors grief, and the strength surrounding escaping precarious situations. The wounded unicorn pushes through the brush, unaware, or not caring, about the thorns that stain their white fur red. The end result is too important to sweat a few scars, and that result is freedom and safety from those who wish to use us for what we have instead of who we are. Drawing from the experience that too many femme folks have had, Everett paints a portrait of sacrifice and strength in the face of a predatory world. Like the unicorn, the bearer of this painting is reminded that freedom and safety come at a cost, but that cost is well worth the rewards that the future hold.


High quality German etching, 300 gram cotton rag paper, ink, and many hours of work and love. ❤️


3.5” x 5” for LITTLE, 5” x 7” for BIG.

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Keep safe on a fridge, envelope, or framed on a wall.

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