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About the artist

Everett Lovrien is a non-binary individual who grew up in a small town in Connecticut, surrounded by forests and nature for most of their childhood. Most of their grasp on the larger concepts of the world were made clear by dynamics in nature, as observed within their childhood home. Growing up autistic and preferring to be alone, Everett learned and grew in the woods. These natural influences are how they communicate through their work, using animals, flora, and dramatic vignettes to depict feelings of grieving, otherness, and hope. 

Everett can be observed using gouache, pen, and pencil in their work, which is primarily done on large sheets of watercolor paper. They draw inspiration from the Unicorn Tapestries and other forms of iconographic art such as medieval paintings and manuscripts.

If you would like custom work done, please send an email in the space provided below, and I will be very happy to work with you and your unique vision.

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