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Fox Cry Illustration

Tutela Ex Malefica, Full Size

Tutela Ex Malefica, Full Size

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Tutela ex Malefica: protection from dark magic. Rowan, elderberry, and a bluebird paired with a Pygmy goat skull. Two amazing folkloric wards against ill intent, Rowan and elderberry cross one another between the horns of the goat. One bursts with red berries, one with blue, two colors of healing and protection against the otherworldly. The goat skull was traditionally hung to ward off evil spirits, and the bluebird symbolizes happiness and friendship, hoping that they follow the banishing of negativity. All of these symbols have a shadow side, as any occultist knows. Elderberry was also said to house the souls of witches, and if burnt is believed to curse who harmed it. Its berries can also be made into an intoxicating wine. The Rowan is also said to house spirits of the other world, and is said to be sacred to the faeries. The shadow meaning of this piece therefore is about “fighting fire with fire”.

This print measures 18” x 18” and is printed via inkjet upon archival German etching paper.


High quality German etching, 300 gram cotton rag paper, ink, and many hours of work and love. ❤️


3.5” x 5” for LITTLE, 5” x 7” for BIG.

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Keep safe on a fridge, envelope, or framed on a wall.

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