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Fox Cry Illustration

The Ones Who Stay

The Ones Who Stay

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The Ones Who Stay is a limited edition piece about a wounded soul, and the guardian who keeps watch and protects it. A Lilly hovers above the bucks head, signifying both purity and funerary practices of old. Harkening to the five traditional poisons used by witches with the surrounding foliage, the piece takes on a darker air, with dramatic colors and folk-art inspired composition. The plants aforementioned were typically used in witches flying ointment, a mysterious substance that allowed them to leave their bodies and join in the witches sabbath. A bold addition to any collection, this print is measured 11” x 17” and is hand numbered and signed by the artist. 


High quality German etching, 300 gram cotton rag paper, ink, and many hours of work and love. ❤️


3.5” x 5” for LITTLE, 5” x 7” for BIG.

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Keep safe on a fridge, envelope, or framed on a wall.

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