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Fox Cry Illustration

Ne Obliviscarus: never forget

Ne Obliviscarus: never forget

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midsize print, measuring 9”x12”

Poppies, rhododendron, amaranth, teeth, and a cougar skull. Poppies and rhododendron symbolize sleep and death, while amaranth indicates a meaning of wealth and love. This piece came about as the first in the series when Everett was faced with the challenges of becoming an artist. They soon realized that the time would pass whether they pursued their dream or not, and that no matter how impoverished or wealthy, they would die just like anybody else. They decided to spend their life, therefore, doing what brought them joy. Paired together, the meaning and it’s reflection are:

“Wealth nor love can save you from fate”//“live every day in the abundance you have before it’s gone”

A message no one should forget.


High quality German etching, 300 gram cotton rag paper, ink, and many hours of work and love. ❤️


3.5” x 5” for LITTLE, 5” x 7” for BIG.

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Keep safe on a fridge, envelope, or framed on a wall.

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