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Fox Cry Illustration

Amor ex Gemini

Amor ex Gemini

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Amor Ex Gemini: love from a Gemini. Blue violets, baby’s breath, and rat and mouse skulls. This piece ties together the intellect, playfulness, and sincerity that the Gemini soul encompasses. Geminis are playful, but can sometimes be easily bored when a partner is not intellectually stimulating or novel. Always a two sided coin, and a reminder to keep things both light and balanced.

measures 5” x 7.5”, with .5” border, printed via inkjet on archival German etching paper.


High quality German etching, 300 gram cotton rag paper, ink, and many hours of work and love. ❤️


3.5” x 5” for LITTLE, 5” x 7” for BIG.

Care information

Keep safe on a fridge, envelope, or framed on a wall.

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